Classes & Fees

BUB in da POOL  has 4 terms per year,  3 months each.  There are 10 classes each term.  Each class takes 30 minutes,  once a week. Categorised by the age and development of the students,  as follows:

Age   4-12 months
Fun & Happiness
Max.  8 BUBs / Class

(Wobbly babies)
Age  12-24 months
Max.  8 BUBs / Class

(Talkative kids)
Age  2-4 ปี
Survival Skill
Max. 8 Bubs / Class

(Amuse kids)
Age 4-6 ปี
Independent Swimming
Small Group

*  Trial class in specific period will be no charged.
** Registration Fee is one time payment for life time.

private room

Private room is a poolside private room with air purifier in living area,  bathroom with changing area for your convenience and high privacy where your family can spend relaxing time whilst watching your child enjoy our class
*  Limited and reserved for the early registrant

Assessment & Certificate

Assessment will be recorded for each class in our certification that indicate level of development,  to drive and motivate them to progress to the next level or higher challenge and to congratulate our students.  The certification will be given to parents on the date of final class.


Memories during this age is precious and must be cherished,  let us keep a record of those days for you

Underwater Package  include;            
-  1 Extra 15 minutes class
-  Underwater photo 30++ photos
-  Underwater and in pool 5 VDO clips
-  CD of all photos and clips with your own copyright            

*  Both parents can take this class together