BUB in da POOL has developed through international certification systems from Australia. Combine that and create our original program which is certified by Australian Swimming Coaches & Teachers Association (ASCTA).  Our program is developed for student of different age and relevant to the climate of Thailand.

The priory of our program is “Child Center”;  we do respect the student and their potential,   give priority to their interests and needs so we provide basic skills for each student  (babies and toddlers of different age)  that help improve
multi-developments through activities,  music and repetition of teachings.

Skill from our programs,  such as

-  Sensory Exploration            
-  Basic Swimming & Propulsion
-  Front & Back Float
-  Streamline Position           
-  Breath Control & Submersion             
-  Water Safety & Survival Skill
-  Competitive Stroke


We handpick our teachers through strict requirements.  They are qualified professionals who are certified by Australian
Swimming Coaches & Teachers Association (ASCTA) and have undergone intensive programs and training with
BUB in da POOL.  Their personality and years of experiences in the field are up to standard to ensure a comfortable transition from comfortability to results.  Our teams, both teachers and staff are qualified for CPR and First Aid training to always be prepared for emergency situations.