BUB in da POOL  POOL is inspired by modern parents who have experience in baby swimming lessons overseas.  Our dream is to build a swimming pool especially for children in Thailand.  Our founders and trainers have undergone international training and certification. We
strive to give the best to our children, for them to be strong, healthy,  joyful and happy.   We all know that exercise is a must!  Thus, we have been searching for ways to help our children improve their physical & mental development.  Through years of discoveries,  we finally found our answer, that is…

“Swimming” is the only sport and ability that without it may
cause “Life”

We had no hesitation to let our child attend swimming classes to learn the skill for survival; more than that,  we are most happy and overwhelmed whenever we see her enjoying herself and having fun with the activities in the pool.  The joy we see in her eyes and expressions is priceless.

Our answer is based on years of research and taking baby swimming classes,  we found that there are only a few and limited baby swim institutions in Thailand,  some of them doesn’t meet our requirements.

This is the reason why we start  “BUB in da POOL”.  Through trial and error,  we learnt and improve from our experiences,  so that through BUB in da POOL we are able to provide our best for you and your family.

The road that we journeyed through was not the smoothest of all.  There were tons of obstacle and challenges to face and resolve,  but we work hard as we have a “clear goal” in mind.  And we are grateful that this road has lead us to “BUB in da POOL”  today

Ever heard news of kids drowning?
We don't need to pray and hope that it will not happen to our own loved ones.  We can do it by changing our attitude. Realise that and be prepared.  Bring your love ones here to learn swimming,  whenever convenient for you but as soon as possible!  If you can teach them,  please  DO IT NOW!

If you cannot teach or prefer the professional teacher
you can choose now,  either normal class, more play structured games, or intensive class,  all available now!  We are not the
one and only swimming school, but as we mentioned,  our experiences professional services and quality facilities set us apart from the other schools.  We always strive to be better,  and improve from our weaknesses with one objective in mind;  to make BUB in da POOL the best for our learners.

And If you are looking for a school that is specifically designed and built for both children and parents 
you have found it.  At BUB in da POOL,  we are equipped with a swimming pool and an entertainment room for both children and parents where you will be able to kick back and relax.  You will find that we prioritize utmost care for you and your children,  and our attention to detail will wow you;  Because here at  BUB in da POOL,  our motto is “Care for your Children as Ours”.

Therefore,  right now,  right here,  after reading our message,  start doing something,  bring your loved ones for swimming lesson!