Q :  If you hesitate to bring your child for the class, consult with us first ?
A :  Don’t worry, you can contact BUB in da POOL team,  please see at title “Contact us”.  The team will get back to you as soon as possible.  And these is a trial class for your child, please check schedule with our team. (Only limited period available)

Q :  My baby is so little, only few months, can she swim?  Any dangerous or insecure?
A :  Let start at baby’s nature, they have memory of the fluid environment int the womb and water, feels natural, clam, comfort and relax in a proper temperature.  They can swim and float well with lots of fat,  lesser weight of tissue and muscle, additionally, baby can hold breath easily as a natural reaction.  Generally, babies open eyes in water because they have no fear of water,  they might swallow periodically because they do not know how to split.  It the cleanliness and temperature of water can be control, there is no reason not to let them swim.  For more detail or consult, kindly contact  BUB in da POOL team by any channels

Q : I just gave birth, when should we start?
A :  It is highly recommended that the earlier you start the easier it is. The studying can be started after childbirth, but there are some reasons to start at the age of 4 months as follows:         
-  For necessary vaccine and immunity system.          
-  Baby learns to live and each other with parents.              
-  For mom to rest after delivering.          
-  If you wish to bring your 2-3 months old baby for a class, you need to support their necks during the lessons.

Q : My husband and I cannot swim, can we bring our child to join a class?
A :  Not to worry at all, the pool is only around 1 metre height, so adult can stand definitely.

Q : What we need to prepare to go swimming?
A :  Nothing trouble…. just get ready and pack your stuff.  
- Get ready - reach the school 15-30 mins early before the class. Avoid feeding meal or milk at least 30 mins before the class.
- Pack  your stuff - Swimming suit for you and your child, Cuff pants, Swimming diaper, Towels, Milk or snack.

Q : Can we both, my wife and I go into the pool with child?
A :  For concentration and effectiveness of studying, we allow 1 person to accompany child in pool.

Q : Any rules or regulations for members that we need to know?
A :  Please see  BUB in da POOL’s terms and conditions at title  Classes & Fees 

Q : Before the class starts, can the children play or warm up in the pool?
A :  We had developed program for each lesson at 30 minutes per class which is suitableand most effective for children at this age. At the beginning, teacher will make greeting one another and activities to make familiarity with water, you can be free from worry.

Q : In case of sick or miss class, can make-up class later?
A :  Don’t worry, we understand that children can be sick and infected easily and parents might be busy urgently cannot attain the class as registered. We allow for sick leave or business leave 2 times per term, please inform us in advance so that you can make-up the class.