Our pool - The indoor pool was specifically designed and
built for babies and toddlers with Salt  System and temperature controlled at 30-34 degrees which is suitable for babies.  International standard for water quality is being monitored and controlled to ensure your safety and hygiene of skin and eyes.

Our building - Bright and airy building is clean and pack with facilities.  Our pool environment and building area are
specially designed with carefully selected high grade materials.


How we are different?  
BUB in da POOL provide a new Austria technology for the re-conditioning of water;  to restructure water molecule in
a specific pattern resulting it to be as good as natural water that is suitable for human,  animal,  plant and the natural environment

How this water is the BEST ?
- Decrease the toxic content in water.  Not cause dryness or allergic to skin and eyes.
- Crystal clear water gives clarity and comfort whilst swimming,  making the experience a smooth-sailing one.  The soft and gentle water helps you to be less tired and allow you to swim longer.
-  Lesser Surface tension,  better cleaning and more absorption so the pool and bathroom has less mucus,  stain,  moss,  dregs and can be easily washed up using lesser chemical detergent thus,  saving the environment.
-  Energetic water is natural and refreshing,  hence promotes liveliness and no fatigue.
-  The waste water is designed in a pattern and structure that is easy for treatment and good for environment.

This technology used on the water not only make it good for the use pool,  it is also good for  internal and external use
of the building;  such as showering,  washing,  even for plants;  because we care about every small details and wish to give our best to our members.

BUB Facilities

BUB in da POOL  has bathroom with changing area spacious enough for members of each classes.  The space is designed to be bright and airy and to provide comfort and convenience with hygiene and safety as our toppriority


-   Free WIFI for convenient of all modern parents
-   Electrical massage chair for members and families
-   Air purifier for hygiene and health
-   Kid’s corner for fun and development
-   TV for your entertainment and home ambiance
-   Useful magazines,  books and fairy tales storybooks
-   Ginger drink for breastfeeding mom
-   Coffee and bakery shop
-   High quality swimwear,  accessories and toys shop
-   Ample car park space for the convenience of all members


-   Bathroom with heater,  soap and shampoo for kids and adults
-   Toilet with kid’s lavatory,  hand soap and toilet roll
-   Free lockers
-   Hair dryer,  facial tissue,  cotton bud and plastic bags for wet clothes